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How to enable gzip on ssi

by ksbaskar
332 1 01/23/2019 12:20AM
Last Post by ksbaskar

nginx community supports 2 load balancers?

by Epic555
274 1 01/23/2019 12:05AM
Last Post by Epic555

Upstream url not showing.

by bkkedar108
287 1 01/21/2019 10:13AM
Last Post by bkkedar108

NGINX as Reverse Proxy works for HTTPS but not with HTTP

by kashyapvirgo
476 2 01/21/2019 05:02AM
Last Post by Eitan

Dynamic Ip Whitelisting using redis or a database

by Eitan
277 1 01/21/2019 04:50AM
Last Post by Eitan

Multiple listen() call in Nginx server

by Ashique
359 3 01/20/2019 11:41PM
Last Post by Ashique

Problem with try_files

by Zoron
301 2 01/20/2019 07:07PM
Last Post by Zoron

Does Nginx automatically cache subfolders ?

by ni4ni
248 1 01/20/2019 03:49AM
Last Post by ni4ni

weird 403

by giorg
267 1 01/17/2019 06:07AM
Last Post by giorg

How to use Nginx to rout traffic to a squid forwarding proxy

by timtation
298 1 01/16/2019 04:30PM
Last Post by timtation

Reverse Proxy to multiple servers one subdomain

by moster78
297 1 01/14/2019 04:25PM
Last Post by moster78

How to open the site without using port.

by Stormfury
302 1 01/14/2019 07:18AM
Last Post by Stormfury

Constant 10053 Error in Log

by bzowk
641 1 01/13/2019 08:30PM
Last Post by bzowk

Where is the location of "if" statement?

by hack3rcon
296 1 01/13/2019 05:03AM
Last Post by hack3rcon

Reverse Proxy: Redirected HTTP Sites Throwing Mixed Content Error

by bzowk
747 6 01/12/2019 01:19PM
Last Post by itpp2012

Nginx doesn't detect the OpenVPN client private IP

by nginxproxy
454 1 01/11/2019 05:20PM
Last Post by nginxproxy

Nginx rewrite not work

by xeno
314 1 01/10/2019 03:51AM
Last Post by xeno

Newbie question

by chudak
277 1 01/09/2019 03:11PM
Last Post by chudak

Check Header on outbound

by jcmanous
302 1 01/03/2019 11:23AM
Last Post by jcmanous

How to make nginx to be able to send early data with post request.

by kst
320 1 01/01/2019 10:22PM
Last Post by kst

Advanced HTTP Basic Auth query with determine IP address

by necromonger
318 1 01/01/2019 03:01PM
Last Post by necromonger

Weighted load balancing Nginx

by Mohamed_AB
294 1 01/01/2019 09:40AM
Last Post by Mohamed_AB

NGINX - OpenResty - How to reverse proxy a call to 2 different servers based based on a string?

by jedelvalle
356 1 12/21/2018 12:18AM
Last Post by jedelvalle

How to make to support 0-rtt in nginx web server

by kst
669 1 12/19/2018 09:06AM
Last Post by kst

Set an Nginx Bitrate Limit

by happydg
352 1 12/17/2018 09:46AM
Last Post by happydg

redirect a suffix without move the old links

by machete
323 1 12/17/2018 09:21AM
Last Post by machete

how can restrict access to a site

by sahererahimi
332 1 12/16/2018 05:24AM
Last Post by sahererahimi

Possible to keepalive connections per hostname consideration?

by jeremy0916
348 1 12/13/2018 12:35AM
Last Post by jeremy0916

getting 304 status instead of needed 200

by michmauzer004
358 2 12/12/2018 02:07PM
Last Post by michmauzer004

How to define nginx code for per Domain?

by redscience
311 1 12/11/2018 03:13AM
Last Post by redscience

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