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Need help setting up WordPress? Using cgi? Something else? Post it here. 
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Make multiple subrequests and generate custom response based on the subrequests' response.

by Akshayaa
297 1 04/01/2020 12:48PM
Last Post by Akshayaa

Nginx and Exchange 2019 (2016)

by PrimaryInc
328 2 03/31/2020 02:39AM
Last Post by PrimaryInc

Served Wordpress file not accessed, seemed cached. Where is it cached?

by henri1
270 1 03/27/2020 10:03AM
Last Post by henri1

Cannot make expiration date on my images to work Attachments

by nginxbeta19
287 2 03/26/2020 08:28AM
Last Post by nginxbeta19

Cannot password protect Nginx subdirectory

by rbarak
258 1 03/25/2020 02:21PM
Last Post by rbarak

give access after proxy_pass

by david121212
305 1 03/25/2020 11:37AM
Last Post by david121212

Install http_charset_module

by Abson
386 4 03/25/2020 11:30AM
Last Post by itpp2012

First time - reverse proxy on oracle linux

by david121212
336 2 03/25/2020 08:31AM
Last Post by david121212

How to repace domain with IP

by m.farid
233 1 03/25/2020 07:55AM
Last Post by m.farid

Nginx rewrite urls to match proxy address

by salimsaid
265 1 03/25/2020 01:19AM
Last Post by salimsaid

Sub_filter: replacing a string containing $

by Peterh88
255 1 03/24/2020 05:59AM
Last Post by Peterh88

Cors problems

by zeux
237 1 03/24/2020 05:14AM
Last Post by zeux

Hosting 2 domains on one linode using nginx

by truetaurus
240 1 03/23/2020 06:11PM
Last Post by truetaurus

I am trying to configure an fcgi application with php and nginx...

by goosestepping
234 1 03/22/2020 10:40PM
Last Post by goosestepping

How to cache gzip and brotli responses in nginx cache

by Paul99
761 2 03/21/2020 09:07PM
Last Post by Evald80

Cannot stop nginx service on windows.

by openemm
47,549 8 03/20/2020 05:28PM
Last Post by Stewii

strange output from access.log Attachments

by chrisguk
254 1 03/17/2020 11:58AM
Last Post by chrisguk

Index file priority list [mediawiki]

by arthurlucena
243 1 03/16/2020 11:45AM
Last Post by arthurlucena

Error upstream timed OpenVpn UDP

by gilvanio
304 1 03/12/2020 03:22PM
Last Post by gilvanio

stream for TLS passthrough to multiple servers, each with their own certificate

by atslash
241 1 03/11/2020 07:45AM
Last Post by atslash

Nginx Connnection Timeout Attachments

by kiannc
233 1 03/11/2020 12:02AM
Last Post by kiannc

Hotlinking Code for Nginx and Wordpress

by RobNginx
240 1 03/10/2020 04:00AM
Last Post by RobNginx

Proxy pass with Regex

by jeffreykky
234 1 03/09/2020 09:16PM
Last Post by jeffreykky

Reverse proxy forward a tag in URL

by Vladimir123!
242 1 03/09/2020 11:05AM
Last Post by Vladimir123!

NGINX configuration folder protection of thousands of subdirectories

by jenwest
227 1 03/07/2020 09:50PM
Last Post by jenwest

Block all IPs except local network on specific locations.

by mi6
254 1 03/05/2020 06:55AM
Last Post by mi6

Allow autoindex on only for one IP address!

by mrpro8838
345 2 03/04/2020 08:29PM
Last Post by mrpro8838

Opening myphpadmin brings up save dialog. Attachments

by Fuckbro
250 1 03/02/2020 10:09PM
Last Post by Fuckbro

Setup camera

by rikki78
374 2 03/02/2020 06:23PM
Last Post by ReluctantApple

Preserve URL header issue in Nginx reverse proxy | ADFS

by elangopal
269 1 02/29/2020 05:56AM
Last Post by elangopal

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