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Move a service in a URI subfolder?

by lalebarde
785 1 01/25/2022 07:39AM
Last Post by lalebarde

reflect upstream errors towards downstream

by shauli
822 1 01/24/2022 04:38PM
Last Post by shauli

mail proxy encryption to dovecot

by viglu
693 1 01/24/2022 02:06PM
Last Post by viglu

how to deal with unexpected traffic securely

by genfoch01
675 1 01/23/2022 05:43PM
Last Post by genfoch01

nginx for nextcloud

by Morta
871 2 01/22/2022 02:21PM
Last Post by Morta

Php in Nginx on OpenSUSE Linux virtual machine.

by Russell1
638 1 01/22/2022 09:31AM
Last Post by Russell1

How to redirect if user direct access to image files by browser?

by Ryruji
560 1 01/21/2022 05:04AM
Last Post by Ryruji

single sign on behind nginx

by petexy
550 1 01/19/2022 08:00AM
Last Post by petexy


by bryan.pflug@gmail.com
804 3 01/18/2022 07:43PM
Last Post by bryan.pflug@gmail.com

how to handle auth_request with unusual response status code

by mortee
539 1 01/17/2022 10:10PM
Last Post by mortee

Sub_filter help

by hasaph
580 1 01/17/2022 08:12AM
Last Post by hasaph

Cert but for proxy

by jarl
605 1 01/13/2022 12:10AM
Last Post by jarl

Big configuration

by jarl
795 2 01/06/2022 10:51AM
Last Post by jarl

Favicon.ico For A Specific Host Name

by bouro
695 1 01/05/2022 04:53AM
Last Post by bouro

WSARecv() failed (10054: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host) while reading response header from upstream

by lzjyzq2
948 2 01/05/2022 01:12AM
Last Post by lzjyzq2

On 1 ip adress multiple dockers and domain names

by jayless
673 1 01/04/2022 08:51AM
Last Post by jayless

I want nginx subdirectory to point to differnt containers

by dezire
682 1 01/04/2022 05:05AM
Last Post by dezire

FastCGI + Cart for OpenCart 2.x

by WebFlyer
1,823 2 01/03/2022 10:46AM
Last Post by shijinb

How to access the specific port from RTMP container by proxy_pass through nginx container?

by siavashfazli
798 1 01/02/2022 05:51AM
Last Post by siavashfazli

how can I use proxy_pass to pass rtmp link through nginx?

by siavashfazli
686 1 01/02/2022 04:10AM
Last Post by siavashfazli

Disabling request body buffering for an app running in a container

by mmehdi_rajaee
709 1 12/28/2021 11:57PM
Last Post by mmehdi_rajaee

Windows "Stealth“- Mode prevents failover detection

by DanielZuercher
787 1 12/14/2021 07:01AM
Last Post by DanielZuercher

Add parameter to url

by lupin3
1,055 1 12/09/2021 04:03AM
Last Post by lupin3

validation DCV for ssl using nginx

by street420
992 1 12/08/2021 12:19PM
Last Post by street420

Nginx redirecting traffic to one of two proxy servers based on server_name

by mark.gargan
1,035 2 12/07/2021 05:52AM
Last Post by mark.gargan

nginx to redirect http/https traffic based on url

by mark.gargan
800 1 12/06/2021 10:22AM
Last Post by mark.gargan

Nginx Proxy Manager - Connection Keep Alive

by cyanmodex9
946 1 12/05/2021 04:15AM
Last Post by cyanmodex9

How to send unescaped certificate to backend?

by jairo.fernandez
709 1 12/03/2021 04:44PM
Last Post by jairo.fernandez

Cannot even start nginx on windows Attachments

by phil3361
45,426 7 12/02/2021 06:16PM
Last Post by Mark Weiss

Forwarding single http request to multiple Servers

by Aravind2k
899 1 11/30/2021 02:55AM
Last Post by Aravind2k

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