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Nginx reverse proxy 502 bad gateway

by leshcode
95 1 03/20/2023 01:15PM
Last Post by leshcode

Equivalent to map $status status_title status_desc

by jsabater
83 2 03/20/2023 12:15PM
Last Post by jsabater

Django doesnt work on public IP

by fornakter
115 1 03/20/2023 04:26AM
Last Post by fornakter

Localhost sent an invalid response. ERR_INVALID_HTTP_RESPONSE

by mo100
196 1 03/16/2023 05:49PM
Last Post by mo100

Same port two protocols

by Christoforoskor
313 1 03/11/2023 01:53AM
Last Post by Christoforoskor

How Do I Show Only The Domain Name in the Address Bar

by pointnginx
276 1 03/09/2023 08:27PM
Last Post by pointnginx

How to configure a proxy for MTProxy

by skyents
373 1 03/05/2023 03:02PM
Last Post by skyents

Setting up client side user authentication with mTLS

by Balthazar
422 1 03/02/2023 11:26AM
Last Post by Balthazar

Oracle Cloud OCI - how to forward effectively

by Bio-Logico
556 3 02/28/2023 06:57AM
Last Post by Bio-Logico

Error 413 : Entity too large

by technic
570 1 02/24/2023 05:49AM
Last Post by technic

Nginx cannot create its own .conf File on Windows (error: 15100)??

by Wastel361
609 1 02/21/2023 05:14PM
Last Post by Wastel361

Config to apply specific PHP values to specific WP directory

by plutocrat
634 1 02/17/2023 02:23AM
Last Post by plutocrat

NGINX Reverse proxy with basic auth in windows

by zibensdraugs
547 2 02/16/2023 06:33AM
Last Post by itpp2012

IMAP proxy to connect users to backend Zimbra server

by saifulslm09
747 1 02/15/2023 03:59AM
Last Post by saifulslm09

Drop all (deny all) traffic requests not made by lan or home ip.

by Danran
805 1 02/14/2023 10:16AM
Last Post by Danran

Adding Reverse Proxy to existing webhost

by tdmatthews
795 1 02/09/2023 11:52AM
Last Post by tdmatthews

How to resolve make: *** No rule to make target 'build', needed by 'default'. Stop

by redscience
649 2 02/09/2023 12:41AM
Last Post by redscience

Reverse proxy and rewrite URL in NGINX

by BlueTigeeeeer
947 1 02/04/2023 08:27AM
Last Post by BlueTigeeeeer

Reverse proxy subfilter content-length

by frefal
886 1 02/01/2023 07:37AM
Last Post by frefal

Howto get the public IP of a client in this configuration

by neilyoung
904 1 02/01/2023 04:18AM
Last Post by neilyoung

Setting Corporated Proxy at location

by venella
936 1 01/30/2023 07:01AM
Last Post by venella


by mohamadreza
958 1 01/27/2023 02:44PM
Last Post by mohamadreza

How to debug the memory stack?

by essenz
916 1 01/27/2023 09:32AM
Last Post by essenz

confusing nginx resolution

by iaw4
918 1 01/26/2023 11:41AM
Last Post by iaw4

serving css, js, sag etc.. with nginx instead of express static

by qafwaf
1,036 1 01/17/2023 01:54PM
Last Post by qafwaf

Reverse proxy configuration with SSL certs on upstream servers

by zayler
1,082 1 01/17/2023 11:45AM
Last Post by zayler

Nginx newbie - redirections not fully working

by pax_v
1,023 1 01/16/2023 07:44AM
Last Post by pax_v

Catch-all server_name and default_server usage with multiple ports and custom redirects

by AquaL1te
847 2 01/05/2023 08:15AM
Last Post by AquaL1te

[nginx.conf] nginx docker bad gateway Attachments

by sriccardi
1,176 1 01/01/2023 04:18AM
Last Post by sriccardi

nginx web server tutorial questions

by nginxdevuan
921 2 12/29/2022 06:02PM
Last Post by nginxdevuan

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