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NGINX configuration: any limit on location blocks?

by elychko
25 1 06/12/2024 03:26PM
Last Post by elychko

How to return 444 for only specific HTTP and HTTPS sites

by TheConsumer
12,162 6 06/10/2024 10:32PM
Last Post by JoakimR

Nginx 1.26 enable https2, https3, quic and reuseport

by rrosner
118 1 06/07/2024 07:44AM
Last Post by rrosner

Reverse proxy for multiple apps using same route

by grizzbouille
316 2 06/05/2024 05:14PM
Last Post by jmm

HTTP/3 QUIC - Very poor throughput with high latency, high bandwidth connections

by scottdavidmcnaught@gmail.com
1,602 3 06/05/2024 11:33AM
Last Post by TheBigG

Nginx proxy one stream Attachments

by nwakevin
290 1 05/27/2024 06:58PM
Last Post by nwakevin

Newbi total

by Mxmail
309 1 05/24/2024 02:57AM
Last Post by Mxmail

nginx to just provide TLS

by jnojr
362 1 05/16/2024 12:44PM
Last Post by jnojr

nginx as DNS to DoH proxy?

by nmpu
517 1 05/02/2024 09:53AM
Last Post by nmpu

Configure Nginx to handle HTTP&HTTPS requests behind GCP Load-balancer

by sdffsdfsdfsdf
467 1 05/02/2024 09:11AM
Last Post by sdffsdfsdfsdf

SSL on Hostinger Ubuntu and LiteCart

by HerrimanCoder
411 2 05/01/2024 09:21AM
Last Post by HerrimanCoder

webp images

by toft6633
409 2 05/01/2024 05:53AM
Last Post by toft6633

nginx server

by Metasoftbali
442 1 04/29/2024 02:59AM
Last Post by Metasoftbali

Setup multiple websites in NGINX in a docker on Unraid

by fr8ke
488 1 04/28/2024 11:01AM
Last Post by fr8ke

What is the difference between nginx configurations? Attachments

by hackermade
489 1 04/26/2024 01:52AM
Last Post by hackermade

Change response 302 to 200

by merlock
503 1 04/23/2024 10:12AM
Last Post by merlock

NGINX as a proxy server

by shubhankar.mitra@hoichoi.tv
497 1 04/23/2024 06:40AM
Last Post by shubhankar.mitra@hoichoi.tv

Nginx proxy mail with LDAP authentification

by pamplemousse
497 1 04/22/2024 11:07AM
Last Post by pamplemousse

Problem with Nginx configuration

by naveen.patil
716 1 04/04/2024 03:40AM
Last Post by naveen.patil

Node.js is running on port 3000 but Nginx cannot see it

by hack3rcon
630 1 04/03/2024 05:52AM
Last Post by hack3rcon

azure container app

by locquetda
709 2 03/28/2024 07:06AM
Last Post by locquetda

sub_filter issue about reverse proxy.

by yasoo7964
946 2 03/27/2024 10:51PM
Last Post by yasoo7964

cache 404 but not 200 in same location

by niko78
773 1 03/23/2024 12:20PM
Last Post by niko78

reverse proxy to display backend certificate

by kmwb
707 1 03/21/2024 01:04PM
Last Post by kmwb

Nginx as reverse proxy does not authenticate to LDAP

by truffle
855 1 03/20/2024 11:41AM
Last Post by truffle

multisite (conflit serveur name) Attachments

by jhennbo62
753 1 03/20/2024 04:58AM
Last Post by jhennbo62

Multiple backup in upstream

by SirrioN
743 1 03/19/2024 03:06PM
Last Post by SirrioN

RTMPS camera video need to straem

by Prasanth
769 1 03/15/2024 01:46AM
Last Post by Prasanth

how to find unused modules in nginx

by senlog80
917 1 03/07/2024 02:13AM
Last Post by senlog80

Debian network settings

by BMX
895 1 02/25/2024 11:08AM
Last Post by BMX

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