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Need help setting up WordPress? Using cgi? Something else? Post it here. 
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from apache to nginx - new at nginx

by Blisk
1,098 2 04/29/2022 12:16PM
Last Post by Blisk

How to obtain decrypted data from header

by vithouse
888 1 04/26/2022 07:41AM
Last Post by vithouse

Am I in over my head?

by SPeplinski
1,218 1 04/18/2022 11:52AM
Last Post by SPeplinski

connect synology photos app from LAN

by Rafter
906 1 04/14/2022 03:23PM
Last Post by Rafter

Strinct ALPN & SNI support

by ivanv
1,035 1 04/14/2022 05:51AM
Last Post by ivanv

Listening on IPv6 - multiple sites

by bengalih
958 2 04/12/2022 04:01PM
Last Post by bengalih

error:14077438:SSL SSL_do_handshake() , how to solve

by adrielkirch
868 1 04/07/2022 07:03PM
Last Post by adrielkirch

Is it possible to add nginx cache hash to the log?

by TDex
994 1 04/07/2022 03:45AM
Last Post by TDex

Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues

by Mark Weiss
2,353 5 03/30/2022 10:43PM
Last Post by Mark Weiss

How to setup 302 redirect to m.mysite.com for mobile user excluding search bot?

by skyfranky
880 1 03/30/2022 07:31AM
Last Post by skyfranky

Don't send extra cert with default_server

by Lott
866 1 03/30/2022 06:37AM
Last Post by Lott

location block crazyness

by bred
870 1 03/25/2022 10:31AM
Last Post by bred

Nginx + fcgiwrap , Perl cgi. Slow upload when buffering is Off

by gelembjuk
1,013 1 03/25/2022 10:23AM
Last Post by gelembjuk

Real Client-Ip with Cloudflare, Docker, Traefik and nginx set up as a mail proxy (Client-Ip in PHP script, not in upstream mail server)

by frugan
1,125 1 03/21/2022 05:38AM
Last Post by frugan

How to setup HTTPS support in NGINX for Windows

by matrixebiz
1,678 4 03/16/2022 11:43AM
Last Post by matrixebiz

Load balancer with docker-compose resolving url but not the web

by gbt55
913 1 03/14/2022 03:24AM
Last Post by gbt55

is content checked before location sub-rules?

by aweber
898 1 03/07/2022 02:01PM
Last Post by aweber

How to serve React from subpath using Nginx

by 5starkarma
867 1 03/02/2022 10:58PM
Last Post by 5starkarma


by Imre84
1,016 1 02/25/2022 11:53AM
Last Post by Imre84

NGINX Configuration to proxy SSL certificate to Upstream Servers Attachments

by selvamp
860 2 02/25/2022 09:25AM
Last Post by selvamp

Nginx Configuration Help

by tconlon
850 1 02/24/2022 07:46AM
Last Post by tconlon

How to skip Fastcgi Cache on Homepage?

by cheonmu
801 1 02/23/2022 03:33AM
Last Post by cheonmu

Nginx with Wordpress 502 Bad Gateway

by deezywonder
893 1 02/22/2022 08:49AM
Last Post by deezywonder

How to reject ssl_client_verify FAILED requests and allow SUCCESS/NONE results

by imrsk
784 1 02/17/2022 01:07AM
Last Post by imrsk

Setup nginx.conf to route 2 different local wsgi based on the original uri Attachments

by endfrank
1,879 4 02/17/2022 12:31AM
Last Post by endfrank

Satisfactory Beacon Port

by HughSparks
928 1 02/06/2022 02:59PM
Last Post by HughSparks

Host service on subfolder

by VernoxVernax
795 1 02/05/2022 04:04PM
Last Post by VernoxVernax

how to influence cache during runtime

by Andy16
754 1 02/04/2022 03:24AM
Last Post by Andy16

Nginx ssl 443 conf help !

by kevinrichard
940 4 02/03/2022 02:19PM
Last Post by kevinrichard

Virtual host setup

by gian
768 1 02/01/2022 05:37AM
Last Post by gian

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