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Nginx reverse proxy for mpeg-ts. Not working. Lighttpd is better than Nginx?

by lucdig
230 1 10/13/2020 03:17AM
Last Post by lucdig

Allow someone to watch a livestream from the beginning if he tunes in late

by mahaju
547 2 10/09/2020 03:57AM
Last Post by rim.mahmoud88@gmail.com

Calculate latency introduced by NGINX

by ashwinv2003
255 1 10/06/2020 05:06PM
Last Post by ashwinv2003

Block X-FORWARDED-FOR IP in nginx

by rahulaggarwal0709
258 1 10/03/2020 06:52AM
Last Post by rahulaggarwal0709

redirect and add client ip to URI

by flypenguin
245 1 09/30/2020 04:30PM
Last Post by flypenguin

cant get https

by jorgeg73
240 1 09/29/2020 07:56PM
Last Post by jorgeg73

Nginx download the index file and 404 Not Found when I want to go to the first page

by redscience
300 1 09/28/2020 01:58PM
Last Post by redscience

Access logfile without IP

by krischanb
250 1 09/26/2020 08:53AM
Last Post by krischanb

NGINX Reverse Proxy for RD Gateway stops working

by jriker1
601 2 09/24/2020 05:29PM
Last Post by jriker1

NGINX Reverse Proxy Issues

by cornpop
342 1 09/21/2020 07:06AM
Last Post by cornpop

How to configure Nginx to proxy websocket and enable SSL?

by m_yahya
339 1 09/11/2020 03:18AM
Last Post by m_yahya

How to merge .conf files Attachments

by wysedata
298 1 09/09/2020 07:08PM
Last Post by wysedata

UpStream Server - Session and Form based Authentication

by atdev
359 1 09/04/2020 06:09AM
Last Post by atdev


by nembo
1,699 3 08/29/2020 09:54PM
Last Post by mrjamesness

Wordpress Multisite Woes - delivering wrong site and more

by chrisco23
385 1 08/27/2020 01:30PM
Last Post by chrisco23


by dbonilla
340 1 08/25/2020 06:04PM
Last Post by dbonilla

nginx will not load javascript

by walterbyrd
333 1 08/24/2020 03:30PM
Last Post by walterbyrd

Does "location" or "server" directives belong in nginx.conf file?

by walterbyrd
310 1 08/24/2020 12:27PM
Last Post by walterbyrd

NGINX using server_name twice for all requests, resuling in 404

by karlito96
390 2 08/22/2020 05:35PM
Last Post by karlito96

How do I set up nginx on Devuan?

by walterbyrd
431 2 08/21/2020 03:51PM
Last Post by walterbyrd

nginx will not load a php file

by walterbyrd
354 2 08/21/2020 03:45PM
Last Post by walterbyrd

how to make nginx hit multiple urls when a specific url is hit

by sebi
273 1 08/21/2020 11:39AM
Last Post by sebi

URGENT please: Nginx does not do name resolution from a client workstation

by Lallogo
283 1 08/20/2020 03:58PM
Last Post by Lallogo

find subdomain location on server

by david@geowiz.biz
282 1 08/19/2020 10:12AM
Last Post by david@geowiz.biz

gzip resources which have query strings

by chrisco23
287 1 08/18/2020 06:24AM
Last Post by chrisco23

Share mp4 video files

by Linux_noob_86
305 1 08/14/2020 05:09AM
Last Post by Linux_noob_86

Kubernetes Liveness and Readiness Probes for Nginx Proxy

by ray221ray@gmail.com
288 1 08/13/2020 07:59AM
Last Post by ray221ray@gmail.com

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET after port forward on gateway

by szortty
313 1 08/12/2020 06:16AM
Last Post by szortty

Disable TLSv1.1

by tequila
548 5 08/12/2020 12:29AM
Last Post by tequila

Set up SSL on Ubuntu

by jcyprich
300 1 08/11/2020 01:25PM
Last Post by jcyprich

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