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Cannot get through nginx from outside network

by cableghost
296 1 03/27/2021 12:42PM
Last Post by cableghost

New to NGINX

by Paul.Santangelo
327 1 03/25/2021 04:19PM
Last Post by Paul.Santangelo

[error] OpenEvent(...) failed (2: the system cannot find the file specified)

by cixx6
2,621 3 03/22/2021 05:03PM
Last Post by itpp2012

Nginx upstream white screen

by rafael.silva
492 3 03/21/2021 09:19AM
Last Post by rafael.silva

Trouble setting up SSL in nginx

by cableghost
443 2 03/17/2021 09:34PM
Last Post by cableghost

Should I add SSL to my server?

by cableghost
323 1 03/14/2021 03:17PM
Last Post by cableghost

IDE support ?

by ChewbaccaBG
410 2 03/14/2021 06:48AM
Last Post by ChewbaccaBG

ADFS 2016 / ADFS 4.0 behind Nginx

by gitsnik
9,989 3 03/05/2021 11:37AM
Last Post by ferrao

webserver on a machine with multiple ip addresses

by kewldude
322 1 03/04/2021 07:10PM
Last Post by kewldude

How to debug or do profiling HLS stream

by arturoar3nas
291 1 03/02/2021 05:43PM
Last Post by arturoar3nas

Access logfile without IP

by krischanb
736 2 02/27/2021 04:33AM
Last Post by krischanb

How do I troubleshoot 403 access forbidden by rule error?

by adamalleman
312 1 02/25/2021 09:01AM
Last Post by adamalleman

Nginx showing 504 Gateway timed out when uploading large files

by martinszeltins
303 1 02/23/2021 07:41AM
Last Post by martinszeltins

Upgrading PHP with NGINX

by stonkers
436 2 02/22/2021 02:20PM
Last Post by stonkers

Getting 400 Bad Request on .js.php Files

by ahecker
277 1 02/18/2021 07:06AM
Last Post by ahecker

Redirection PNG, JPG to WebP

by ignace72
315 1 02/17/2021 08:45AM
Last Post by ignace72

How to register our own phase handler after a specific standard nginx module handler?

by lakshay.gaba
376 1 02/17/2021 03:25AM
Last Post by lakshay.gaba

charset UTF 8

by crafter2345
307 1 02/16/2021 08:06AM
Last Post by crafter2345

Multiple Location Blocks not working

by hsdmedia
292 1 02/15/2021 05:48AM
Last Post by hsdmedia

How to refuse connection when proxy_pass backend is down

by dzoks
347 1 02/10/2021 09:08AM
Last Post by dzoks

.htaccess deny access not working

by jeffshead
424 2 02/10/2021 08:30AM
Last Post by jeffshead

NGINX cache server for remote docker repo/registory

by tina_zy_qian@yahoo.com
333 1 02/08/2021 08:03PM
Last Post by tina_zy_qian@yahoo.com

Nginx redirect all to https with www

by ometecuthli
322 1 02/08/2021 01:17PM
Last Post by ometecuthli

502 and 504 error shows up only on specific clients

by Basti
274 1 02/08/2021 04:53AM
Last Post by Basti

.net 5.0 API and nignx on linux 18.04

by mjancic
283 1 02/08/2021 04:09AM
Last Post by mjancic

How to configure nginx fort UDP and TCP Attachments

by bibi93
303 1 02/05/2021 10:55AM
Last Post by bibi93

access log if in location on windows nginx not work

by baiclamp
299 1 02/05/2021 07:40AM
Last Post by baiclamp

Logs in zulu time format

by zariwal
273 1 02/04/2021 10:46PM
Last Post by zariwal


by mangiagli
282 1 02/04/2021 04:54AM
Last Post by mangiagli

configure syntax for a Dockerfile and secure_link_module

by ipalvr
343 1 02/02/2021 08:18PM
Last Post by ipalvr

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