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is WSS or WS a $scheme?

by Michael Williams
1 09/11/2022 07:20PM
Last Post by Michael Williams

negation in the map directive of nginx

by libresco_27
5 09/11/2022 06:58PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Change proxy_cache options depending on status code received

by Serban Teodorescu
2 09/08/2022 11:04AM
Last Post by Serban Teodorescu

nginx exits error code 0 with docker compose

by biscotty
2 09/06/2022 04:32AM
Last Post by Konstantin Pavlov

自动回复: Multiple wildcard server_name

by 470101904 via nginx
1 09/05/2022 03:28PM
Last Post by 470101904 via nginx

Multiple wildcard server_name

by Daniel L. Miller via nginx
1 09/05/2022 03:28PM
Last Post by Daniel L. Miller via nginx

best practice for file locations

by biscotty
1 09/05/2022 01:46AM
Last Post by biscotty

Trouble setting up SSL

by biscotty
6 09/04/2022 08:26PM
Last Post by biscotty

Nginx stop logging

by Vincent M.
5 09/04/2022 01:32PM
Last Post by Frank Swasey

nginx not listening on port 443

by biscotty
2 08/31/2022 06:36PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Securing URLs with Secure Link + HLS

by LewisMM
6 08/31/2022 06:20PM
Last Post by Francis Daly


by Dmitry Volyntsev
1 08/30/2022 07:02PM
Last Post by Dmitry Volyntsev

nginx brand survey, we are looking for your feedback

by Maxim Konovalov
4 08/30/2022 01:36PM
Last Post by Luna Jernberg

Client can't negotiate with TLS 1.0 and 1.1

by Fabiano Furtado Pessoa Coelho
10 08/25/2022 04:04PM
Last Post by Fabiano Furtado Pessoa Coelho

Variable “set” in map with an Header Value was lost when we delete the header.

by podzol33
5 08/23/2022 03:11AM
Last Post by arunr039

nginx: lua modules

by ramakanth varala
2 08/21/2022 01:10PM
Last Post by PGNet Dev

Getting List of Output Chains Before the Output Filter

by panamagod25
2 08/19/2022 01:26PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Ubuntu 18 Support

by Rob Hooper via nginx
2 08/19/2022 10:18AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov

Nginx segfault - `is_closing_session(): no DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in environment`

by petecooper
6 08/16/2022 11:12AM
Last Post by Sergey A. Osokin

ngx_http_read_client_request_body not always being called?

by atrocitus
2 08/16/2022 10:44AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov

If statement with $limit_req_status under location block with proxy_pass not working

by acidiclight
3 08/09/2022 06:45PM
Last Post by acidiclight

Application performance of Nginx

by nikhilagrawal577
2 08/09/2022 04:08PM
Last Post by Sergey A. Osokin

Nginx upstream zone

by Vishwas Bm
6 08/09/2022 06:24AM
Last Post by Vishwas Bm

listen on IPs but do not fail if one is absent - ?

by lejeczek via nginx
9 08/06/2022 10:50AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

location regex?

by Jay Haines
2 08/04/2022 03:34AM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Proxy buffering query

by libresco_27
4 08/03/2022 07:56PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Questions about real ip module

by nanaya
4 08/03/2022 06:54PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Best way to handle large number of frequently updated redirects

by justin_achievable
2 08/02/2022 06:46AM
Last Post by Aleksandar Lazic

Nginx most connections in FIN_WAIT2 state

by RasmithaM
2 07/27/2022 10:44PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Logging WebSocket Messages.

by Chinmay Pendharkar
2 07/27/2022 09:34AM
Last Post by Alex Meise

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