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This is a question about the "$status" log value when "proxy_read_timeout" occurs.

by park
3 01/16/2024 09:44PM
Last Post by park

imap authentication issue using nginx mail proxy

by garconcn
1 01/15/2024 07:28PM
Last Post by garconcn

proxy_protocol mixed address family

by Anonymous User
1 01/15/2024 12:54PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

which phase to read cache file metadata "date"

by zack3123
1 01/14/2024 05:55AM
Last Post by zack3123

access logs to parquet

by Mark Lybarger
1 01/11/2024 02:02PM
Last Post by Mark Lybarger

nginx DNS cache?

by revirii
3 01/11/2024 02:16AM
Last Post by revirii

[ANN] OpenResty released

by Jiahao Wang via nginx
1 01/10/2024 02:20AM
Last Post by Jiahao Wang via nginx

Newbee question - hepl needed

by chudak
1 01/09/2024 04:29PM
Last Post by chudak

Custom redirect for one page from https to http with different name.

by James Read
2 01/09/2024 04:38AM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Nginx serving wrong site

by James Read
9 01/09/2024 04:34AM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Bug in handling POST then sending a file back

by Saint Michael
3 01/08/2024 04:54PM
Last Post by Saint Michael

IMAP Proxy with TLS Upstream Configuration

by Jeff Kletsky
2 01/06/2024 09:30PM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Windows ARM64

by Anthony Roberts
5 01/04/2024 07:40AM
Last Post by Anthony Roberts


by Saint Michael
2 01/04/2024 07:16AM
Last Post by Vucomir Ianculov via nginx

Wrong content served

by drodriguez
4 01/02/2024 04:02PM
Last Post by drodriguez

Calculating requests per second, per IP address

by Rejaine Monteiro
6 01/02/2024 09:02AM
Last Post by Rejaine Monteiro

ngx_quic_create_stream segfault

by Clima Gabriel
5 12/22/2023 10:04AM
Last Post by Clima Gabriel

Support on Nginx-ingress V3.4.0

by Akash Shrivastava
2 12/22/2023 10:02AM
Last Post by J Carter

Forcing incognito mode on a reverse proxy

by Saint Michael
3 12/20/2023 12:38PM
Last Post by Constantine A. Murenin

Capture full request/response body logging in nginx configured in reverse proxy mode reports nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "log_by_lua_block"

by kaushalshriyan
4 12/19/2023 09:00AM
Last Post by Reinis Rozitis

Uploading files to remote server running nginx 1.24 returns http status code 405 Not Allowed. Attachments

by kaushalshriyan
2 12/18/2023 09:50AM
Last Post by Reinis Rozitis

Remove HTTP request custom header from headers_in.headers in dynamic module

by Sharaga
1 12/13/2023 04:30PM
Last Post by Sharaga

serving files from /proc

by Jérôme Loyet
4 12/12/2023 10:20PM
Last Post by J Carter

NIC deletes all listeners when rejecting new listener on reserved port

by Brad Bishop via nginx
3 12/08/2023 06:50AM
Last Post by Brad Bishop via nginx

nginx 1.20.0 coverity errors

4 12/07/2023 10:30AM
Last Post by Maxim Konovalov

Error: nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "stream" in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:11

by Gandla, Kesavardhana via nginx
2 12/07/2023 07:44AM
Last Post by Roman Arutyunyan

Client certificate verification results

by vicrem
1 12/02/2023 08:02AM
Last Post by vicrem

Disable http_dav_module in Nginx Web server (version nginx/1.24.0)

by kaushalshriyan
5 11/28/2023 07:44PM
Last Post by Thomas Ward via nginx

Nginx Reverse Proxy (proxy_pass)

by sharbich
3 11/28/2023 07:52AM
Last Post by muhammadimtiaz.ahmed93

Question about Upstream Module's Keepalive Directive and Shared Memory Zone

by javsanpar
1 11/22/2023 12:40PM
Last Post by javsanpar

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