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Possible to make subdomain only accessible through 'embed' Attachments

by Jore
8 03/18/2021 04:36PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

On-demand SSL Cert key loading

by Amarnath B S
1 03/18/2021 06:02AM
Last Post by Amarnath B S

About the order of execution of the modules.

8 03/16/2021 02:52AM
Last Post by ADD SP

Works only in root..

by bubugian
4 03/15/2021 01:46PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Check for existence of PHP socket availability with `nginx -t`

by petecooper
3 03/15/2021 02:23AM
Last Post by petecooper

Nginx with PHP8.0?

by Ken Wright
4 03/14/2021 12:52PM
Last Post by Thomas Ward

Stuck in weird issue - need help pls

by blason
3 03/14/2021 07:34AM
Last Post by blason

[QUIC][BUG] function 'ngx_hkdf_extract ' has memory leak when use OPENSSL but not BoringSSL.

by lingtao.klt
3 03/12/2021 09:08AM
Last Post by lingtao.klt

Nginx use temp file as request body in post subrequest

by salmaanp
2 03/10/2021 06:09PM
Last Post by salmaanp

How did nginx resolve names?

by basti
4 03/10/2021 09:16AM
Last Post by Francis Daly


by Dmitry Volyntsev
1 03/09/2021 01:12PM
Last Post by Dmitry Volyntsev


by Maxim Dounin
1 03/09/2021 10:44AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

How nginx stream module reuse tcp connections?

by allenhe
4 03/09/2021 10:12AM
Last Post by Francis Daly

worker_connections exceed open file resource limit

by daBee
4 03/09/2021 09:40AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

pthread in nginx module

by klowd92
2 03/09/2021 08:36AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Fwd: FW: QUIC based Nginx in Linux(Ubuntu) based systems Attachments

by Sumit Kumar
2 03/09/2021 07:46AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov

New Official Aarch64/ARM64 package repos for OpenResty

by Yichun Zhang
1 03/08/2021 05:54PM
Last Post by Yichun Zhang

invalid PID number in Big Sur

by daBee
1 03/07/2021 06:54PM
Last Post by daBee

unknown directive "thread_pool"

by Richard Kearsley
19 03/07/2021 04:02AM
Last Post by tarikislam8091

HEAD request to GCS caching body

by Señor J Onion
2 03/04/2021 09:08AM
Last Post by Grzegorz Kulewski

proxy_buffering context and unexpected error

by Drew Dixon
6 03/04/2021 06:28AM
Last Post by Fatma MAZARI

arm32v7/nginx:1.19.7-alpine crashing silently

by bouvierh
1 03/03/2021 05:20PM
Last Post by bouvierh

force nginx to use SSL/TLS alert on invalid client certificate

by charlemagnelasse
2 03/02/2021 08:34AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

forward proxy config is causing "upstream server temporarily disabled while connecting to upstream" error

by Señor J Onion
3 03/01/2021 10:10AM
Last Post by Señor J Onion

Seeking example of module using theadpool

by dvhh
3 03/01/2021 09:44AM
Last Post by dvhh

Question about IF and auth subrequest

by Vincent Blondel
5 02/25/2021 11:40AM
Last Post by Vincent Blondel

server persistance using sticky cookie

by mondji
2 02/24/2021 07:58AM
Last Post by Sergey A. Osokin

Proxy pass set body on if

by sanflores
7 02/23/2021 04:56AM
Last Post by sanflores

Creating the Directory Structure - static content

by Grzegorz Cześnik
4 02/22/2021 01:18PM
Last Post by Francis Daly

Question about limit_req_zone and max shared memory

by CyberCr33p
1 02/22/2021 05:36AM
Last Post by CyberCr33p

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