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Any other nginx or tech related discussion may be entered here. 
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Redirect different URL to HTTPS Attachments

by jamesy281
922 1 08/02/2017 10:31AM
Last Post by jamesy281

how to host a multiple site with single server name(ex:sub-directory)

by miyappan
1,436 2 07/26/2017 06:57AM
Last Post by miyappan

PHP post not working in nginx

by kushal4
1,061 1 07/23/2017 07:58AM
Last Post by kushal4

nginx stops after 16 minutes exactly...

by cezar001
2,066 6 07/18/2017 02:08AM
Last Post by cezar001

"map" command question

by cisaksen
958 1 07/17/2017 03:51PM
Last Post by cisaksen

RTMP Enabled NGINX - Youtube Audio Shifted More Than 1 Minute

by mfreeman
1,092 1 07/16/2017 05:06PM
Last Post by mfreeman

nginx time out error

by nkaukantla
1,345 1 07/14/2017 03:09PM
Last Post by nkaukantla

505 HTTP 1.1 Version not supported

by myworld_magesh@yahoo.com
1,468 1 07/08/2017 01:47AM
Last Post by myworld_magesh@yahoo.com

An clarification about include directives (newbie)

by whitetiger
881 1 07/03/2017 11:16AM
Last Post by whitetiger

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on Chrome Browser loading .css files

by mitchellkrog
1,483 3 06/30/2017 03:42AM
Last Post by mitchellkrog

Incorrect time when using directory listing Attachments

by wilfried
903 1 06/27/2017 08:59AM
Last Post by wilfried

Nginx proxy to Imperva WAF

by sergeydi
1,332 1 06/21/2017 06:03AM
Last Post by sergeydi

Duplicated Header 400 Error - Help

by bbogdan
1,311 2 06/21/2017 05:53AM
Last Post by sergeydi

Working of the function ssl_stapling_verify

by wilfried
973 1 05/19/2017 04:35PM
Last Post by wilfried

Nginx Error - Transport Endpoint is Not Connected Attachments

by anish10dec
1,332 1 05/09/2017 11:14AM
Last Post by anish10dec

error nginx

by jammy1995
1,023 1 04/19/2017 08:04AM
Last Post by jammy1995

Nginx and subdomains

by z.alexander
1,045 1 03/05/2017 03:33PM
Last Post by z.alexander

nginx upstream call twice on local tomcat

by reperion
2,111 3 02/19/2017 10:01PM
Last Post by reperion

Strange redirects

by foxb
1,756 3 01/31/2017 01:56PM
Last Post by foxb

Request for option to configure/limit proxy upstream socket receive buffer size (rcvbuf)

by Ulrich Pflueger
1,166 1 01/20/2017 12:36PM
Last Post by Ulrich Pflueger

why can i get what I want about location directive´╝č

by blitz
1,116 1 01/03/2017 10:09PM
Last Post by blitz

nginx_webaget install issue

by raje@gworks.mobi
1,343 1 12/17/2016 09:46AM
Last Post by raje@gworks.mobi

When do mainline repos for Debian 9 happen?

by dwasifar
1,092 1 12/12/2016 01:27PM
Last Post by dwasifar

About nginx source code(funtion ngx_event_connect_peer)

by sixsixsix
1,206 1 12/07/2016 03:02AM
Last Post by sixsixsix

Convert Apache htaccess to Nginx

by 3245
1,387 1 12/01/2016 02:35PM
Last Post by 3245

1.6.2: Possible reasons for nginx stops responding after file access io error.

by kabalin
1,384 1 11/21/2016 07:07AM
Last Post by kabalin

Single sign on with nginix with reverse proxy?

by Lax Clarke
1,142 1 11/20/2016 09:08PM
Last Post by Lax Clarke

ngx_http_limit_req module can not limit request correct

by guyzyl
1,603 1 11/17/2016 11:17PM
Last Post by guyzyl

read_body lua API hung for h2 post requests

by mkothapa
1,235 1 11/16/2016 04:04PM
Last Post by mkothapa

Inconsistent sending of client certs

by bdmesh
1,618 2 11/04/2016 08:14PM
Last Post by bdmesh

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