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Appeal IRC mute

Posted by teliot 
Appeal IRC mute
August 11, 2021 04:24AM
I have been muted on the libera irc #nginx and do not understand why. The appeals doc mentioned PMing the operator but the OP that was talking does not respond to the following PM "Hello, i seem to be muted in #nginx, what was it that i said that resulted in this?". The appeals doc mentions #nginx-master but that chan is empty.

I would like to appeal my mute in the channel #nginx

Thank you for your time.

Here is a chat log from the webclient

[12:24:38 AM] → teliot has joined
[12:24:38 AM] You joined #nginx, but you are not identified to services and cannot speak. For help with identification, type "/msg nickserv help register"
[12:26:58 AM] ← pins has left (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[12:29:47 AM] <teliot> using ubuntu 20.04 with nginx-extras i moved the default site to /root/ and removed the link in sites-enabled but when i visit my server block that uses location " = /" at the address https:server/index.html it gives me the /var/www/html/index.nginx-debian.html file even though when i grep -r var or grep -r index i see no mention of this directory in the current config. how do i disable the default index?
[12:32:25 AM] <teliot> heres the config with the commends removed https://pastebin.com/PYeXrs7H
[12:32:41 AM] <teliot> . /s/commends/comments
[12:33:20 AM] <MTeck> !p
[12:33:20 AM] <ngxbot> https://paste.nginx.org/
[12:33:48 AM] <MTeck> !curl
[12:33:48 AM] <ngxbot> Use `curl` for testing. Seriously. Check configs with `nginx -t`, then reload. Browser caching may not be as easy to clear/disable as you think. `curl -I example.com` is a common pattern, fetches fresh headers (-i for headers+content, -k to ignore cert problems) including `location` redirects. `curl -v ...` even shows http2 (h2) and alpn negotiation. Test redirecting urls hop by hop.
[12:34:35 AM] <teliot> i did a curl
[12:34:52 AM] <teliot> curl https://shstats.teliot.dev/index.html --resolve shstats.teliot.dev:443: --insecure
[12:35:16 AM] <teliot> still same issue
[12:35:27 AM] <MTeck> !doesntwork
[12:35:28 AM] <ngxbot> It doesn't work... is a ridiculous statement. It conveys essentially no information whatsoever except the unfortunate. No one can help with such a statement. Provide actual information, such as what actually happens, what messages are displayed, what you expected to happen, what you see in logs, etc.; specifics! See !config to share your configuration. See !problem !paste also.
[12:36:43 AM] <teliot> i did not say doesnt work i said "it gives me the /var/www/html/index.nginx-debian.html" and "how do i disable the default index?"
[12:37:10 AM] <MTeck> delete the config that points at it
[12:37:12 AM] <teliot> the server that i have proxy_pass going to is apache
[12:37:28 AM] <teliot> i did, i paste bin the nginx -T
[12:37:38 AM] * MTeck facepalms
[12:37:45 AM] ⓘ MTeck is now known as MTecknology
[12:38:45 AM] <teliot> i did "nginx -T > ~/nginx.config" and then i greped out the comment blocks and put that result in pastebin
[12:39:16 AM] <teliot> i checked for grep -r cahce but found no caching enabled
[12:39:50 AM] → IhackBot has joined
[12:40:52 AM] <teliot> separate question; how do i tell nginx to only reverse proxy file1.php and file2.php and 404 any other requests? my guess of location = /(file1.php|file2.php) { sadly did not work :(
[12:41:09 AM] <MTecknology> !location
[12:41:09 AM] <ngxbot> (#1) `location` is everything. https://nginx.org/r/location, or (#2) See also !locationorder
[12:41:25 AM] <MTecknology> You're close, but clearly have not read any documentation
[12:42:15 AM] <teliot> ya ive only been reading for a couple hours but its a decent amount of docs to get through
[12:42:29 AM] <teliot> but i like the potential i am seeing
[12:42:42 AM] <MTecknology> !beginner
[12:42:42 AM] <ngxbot> (#1) An understanding of basic principles is critical to proper management., or (#2) http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_core_module.html#location, or (#3) https://michael.lustfield.net/nginx/dummies-guide-to-setting-up-nginx, or (#4) http://blog.martinfjordvald.com/nginx-primer/, or (#5) https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/, or (#6) http://nginx.org/en/docs/introduction.html
[12:43:12 AM] ← sudomann has left (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[12:43:14 AM] <MTecknology> %learn beginner is !pitfalls
[12:43:14 AM] <ngxbot> Succeeded.
[12:44:22 AM] <teliot> i just could not understand why nginx was still serving that out of the box index.nginx-debian.html file when it is no longer mentioned in any of the configs
[12:45:03 AM] ← fling has left (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[12:46:19 AM] → sudomann has joined
[12:47:23 AM] <ngxbot> Paste from teliot: [ https://paste.nginx.org/e6 ]
[12:47:51 AM] → pinPoint has joined
[12:48:12 AM] <teliot> that server block at the end of the paste is from a link in sites-enabled
[12:50:02 AM] <teliot> i added -i to my curl and still got the unwanted nginx default index.html file
[12:50:08 AM] <MTecknology> "from a link" ... don't care
[12:50:11 AM] <MTecknology> !only1
[12:50:11 AM] <ngxbot> (#1) Nginx recognizes one configuration file (nginx.conf); all others are included., or (#2) Nginx will select exactly one location block per request at the same level.
[12:50:26 AM] ← sudomann has left (Client Quit)
[12:51:03 AM] * MTecknology suspects you have not managed to get through beginner documentation since being provided those links
[12:52:03 AM] <teliot> still reading for the correct location
[12:53:23 AM] <teliot> but again that was a separate issue, putting that aside are you saying that the default nginx index.html page being handed out is mentioned in the docs? i already stated i unlinked and even moved the config default which had its server block
[12:53:59 AM] * MTecknology tilts head
[12:54:18 AM] <MTecknology> You're not reading anything at all...
[12:54:24 AM] <teliot> you and i both know i did not get this far without reading any docs
[12:54:53 AM] <MTecknology> I provided you with the information you need. You're free to do with it as you please.
[12:55:07 AM] <teliot> and i am going to assume i have been reading docs longer then you, i started pre ELF binaries
[12:55:16 AM] <MTecknology> than*
[12:55:46 AM] <teliot> i will accept your "i dont know" and hang out, tyvm for the links i will read them while i wait
[12:55:48 AM] ⓘ ChanServ gives ops to MTecknology
[12:56:01 AM] ⓘ MTecknology gives owner to #nginx
[12:56:31 AM] <MTecknology> As I said, you have been provided with the information you need. You are free to do with it as you please.
[12:58:52 AM] ⓘ ChanServ takes ops from MTecknology
[1:06:47 AM] → ToAruShiroiNeko has joined
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[1:08:20 AM] <teliot> well the following gives me 99% of what i want. "location ~* ^/(record|search|gambler)\.php$ {" but when i goto https://shstats.teliot.dev/index.html i still get that nginx html file that i just cant explain in the configs
[1:08:21 AM] Cannot send to nick/channel
[1:11:39 AM] → Furai has joined
[1:15:16 AM] <ngxbot> Paste from teliot: [ https://paste.nginx.org/3c ]
[1:16:42 AM] <teliot> test
[1:16:43 AM] Cannot send to nick/channel
Re: Appeal IRC mute
August 11, 2021 06:30PM
Note: This quiet was discussed with this user. They acknowledged the aptness of the quiet, re-affirmed it's persistence, and quickly ended the conversation.

-> https://www.nginx.com/nginx-wiki/build/dirhtml/community/irc/
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