Apache mod_rewrite to Nginx once again.
October 19, 2010 02:08PM

Last time i decided to change my webserver to nginx. Almost all works fine from the begining. Yeah mod_rewrite. I have my own .htaccess file under apache
RewriteRule ^media/_cache/_w_a([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/a$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=gray&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png|BR [L]
RewriteRule ^media/_cache/_w_g([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/g$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=gray&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png|B [L]

After migration i change this rules to:

rewrite ^/media/_cache/_w_a([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ /library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/a$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=gray&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png%7CBR last;
rewrite ^/media/_cache/_w_g([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ /library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/g$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=gray&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png%7CB last;
rewrite ^/(media.*\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif))$ /library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../$1&fltr[]=gray last;
rewrite ^/media/_cache/_w_a([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ /library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/a$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png%7CBR last;
rewrite ^/media/_cache/_w_g([a-z0-9_]+).jpg$ /library/thumb/phpThumb.php?src=../../media/_cache/g$1.jpg&q=90&fltr[]=wmi|../../media/_cache/_watermark.png%7CB last;

But it does not work for me becouse images are not displayed... any ideas?
Re: Apache mod_rewrite to Nginx once again.
October 25, 2010 07:28AM
I found out that these rules are parameters to be passed to the script. I tried to configure nginx as reverse proxy for apache with mod_rewrite but these rules still does not work for me.Maybe anyone would like to help me? I am able to paste all my configuration files if needed.
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