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[PATCH] SSL: Added SSLKEYLOGFILE key material to debug logging

J Carter
January 21, 2024 05:40AM
# HG changeset patch
# User J Carter <jordanc.carter@outlook.com>
# Date 1705832811 0
# Sun Jan 21 10:26:51 2024 +0000
# Node ID b00332a5253eefb53bacc024c72f55876c2eac6e
# Parent ee40e2b1d0833b46128a357fbc84c6e23be9be07
SSL: Added SSLKEYLOGFILE key material to debug logging.

This patch also introduces the debug_keylog error log level flag, which
may be used to graunually enable or ommit logging of key material via
error level flags (note, it's always enabled when using

Each line of key material is output to the error log as separate log
message, and is prepended with 'ssl keylog: ' for convenient extraction.

The purpose of logging key material is to allow external tools, such as
wireshark/tshark, to decrypt captured TLS connections in all situations.

Previously, only TLS 1.2 (and below) connections could be decrypted
when specific ciphers suites were used, and when the decrypter had
access to the acting server's TLS certificates and keys. It was not
possible to decrypt TLS 1.3 traffic without generating SSLKEYLOGFILE on
peer, or by using other hacks on nginx host (using GDB, or patched ssl

Decrypting inbound and outbound TLS connections is useful when
debugging for a few reasons:

1) Nginx does not have a convenient mechanism for logging response body
sent to client, or response body received from upstream while proxying.
Packet captures provide a convenient mechanism for viewing this
traffic. This same use-case applies to client request body in various
scenarios where it cannot be logged using $request_body.

2) It is often convenient to use wireshark to dissect non-http traffic
proxied via stream module. This will now work in all scenarios,
including when stream module is used to perform TLS offloading, and
then proxies to the upstream over TLS.

3) Many post-handshake TLS issues are better diagnosed through analysis
of decypted TLS traffic rather than openssl's often ambiguous
alert/error messages.

4) It's a convenient way to debug third party modules that initiate or
accept TLS connections (provided they utilize nginx's native networking

Example usage:

error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log debug;


error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log debug_keylog;

Live extraction:

tail -f -n0 /var/log/nginx/error.log |\
grep -Poa --line-buffered '(?<=ssl keylog: ).*' |\
tee -a /tmp/keylog.log


1) Navigate 'Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> TLS'.
2) Set '(Pre)-Master-Secret log filename' to '/tmp/keylog.log'.

diff -r ee40e2b1d083 -r b00332a5253e src/core/ngx_log.c
--- a/src/core/ngx_log.c Mon Dec 25 21:15:48 2023 +0400
+++ b/src/core/ngx_log.c Sun Jan 21 10:26:51 2024 +0000
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@

static const char *debug_levels[] = {
"debug_core", "debug_alloc", "debug_mutex", "debug_event",
- "debug_http", "debug_mail", "debug_stream"
+ "debug_http", "debug_mail", "debug_stream", "debug_keylog"

diff -r ee40e2b1d083 -r b00332a5253e src/core/ngx_log.h
--- a/src/core/ngx_log.h Mon Dec 25 21:15:48 2023 +0400
+++ b/src/core/ngx_log.h Sun Jan 21 10:26:51 2024 +0000
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_HTTP 0x100
#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_MAIL 0x200
#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_STREAM 0x400
+#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_KEYLOG 0x800

* do not forget to update debug_levels[] in src/core/ngx_log.c
@@ -37,7 +38,7 @@

#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_CONNECTION 0x80000000
#define NGX_LOG_DEBUG_ALL 0x7ffffff0

diff -r ee40e2b1d083 -r b00332a5253e src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c
--- a/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c Mon Dec 25 21:15:48 2023 +0400
+++ b/src/event/ngx_event_openssl.c Sun Jan 21 10:26:51 2024 +0000
@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
#include <ngx_event.h>

+#if (NGX_DEBUG && OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x10101000L \
+#define NGX_SSL_KEYLOG 1

@@ -27,6 +32,9 @@
static int ngx_ssl_verify_callback(int ok, X509_STORE_CTX *x509_store);
static void ngx_ssl_info_callback(const ngx_ssl_conn_t *ssl_conn, int where,
int ret);
+static void ngx_ssl_keylog_callback(const SSL *ssl, const char *line);
static void ngx_ssl_passwords_cleanup(void *data);
static int ngx_ssl_new_client_session(ngx_ssl_conn_t *ssl_conn,
ngx_ssl_session_t *sess);
@@ -426,10 +434,28 @@

SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(ssl->ctx, ngx_ssl_info_callback);

+ SSL_CTX_set_keylog_callback(ssl->ctx, ngx_ssl_keylog_callback);
return NGX_OK;

+static void
+ngx_ssl_keylog_callback(const SSL *ssl, const char *line)
+ ngx_connection_t *c;
+ c = ngx_ssl_get_connection(ssl);
+ ngx_log_debug(NGX_LOG_DEBUG_KEYLOG, c->log, 0, "ssl keylog: %s", line);
ngx_ssl_certificates(ngx_conf_t *cf, ngx_ssl_t *ssl, ngx_array_t *certs,
ngx_array_t *keys, ngx_array_t *passwords)
diff -r ee40e2b1d083 -r b00332a5253e src/event/quic/ngx_event_quic_openssl_compat.c
--- a/src/event/quic/ngx_event_quic_openssl_compat.c Mon Dec 25 21:15:48 2023 +0400
+++ b/src/event/quic/ngx_event_quic_openssl_compat.c Sun Jan 21 10:26:51 2024 +0000
@@ -118,6 +118,8 @@

+ ngx_log_debug(NGX_LOG_DEBUG_KEYLOG, c->log, 0, "ssl keylog: %s", line);
p = (u_char *) line;

for (start = p; *p && *p != ' '; p++);
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[PATCH] SSL: Added SSLKEYLOGFILE key material to debug logging

J Carter 181 January 21, 2024 05:40AM

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Maxim Dounin 40 January 24, 2024 04:22AM

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J Carter 47 January 24, 2024 07:18AM

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