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[nginx-announce] njs-0.8.5

Posted by Dmitry Volyntsev 
Dmitry Volyntsev
[nginx-announce] njs-0.8.5
June 25, 2024 06:00PM

I'm glad to announce a new release of NGINX JavaScript module (njs).

Learn more about njs:

- Overview and introduction:
- NGINX JavaScript in Your Web Server Configuration:
- Extending NGINX with Custom Code:
- Using node modules with njs:
- Writing njs code using TypeScript definition files:

Feel free to try it and give us feedback on:

- Github:

Additional examples and howtos can be found here:

- Github:

Changes with njs 0.8.5                                       25 Jun 2024

    nginx modules:

    *) Change: r.variables.var, r.requestText, r.responseText,
       s.variables.var, and the "data" argument of the s.on() callback
       with "upload" or "download" event types will now convert bytes
       invalid in UTF-8 encoding into the replacement character. When
       working with binary data, use r.rawVariables.var, r.requestBuffer,
       r.responseBuffer, s.rawVariables.var, and the "upstream" or
       "downstream" event type for s.on() instead.

    *) Feature: added timeout argument for shared dictionary methods
       add(), set() and incr().

    *) Bugfix: fixed checking for duplicate js_set variables.

    *) Bugfix: fixed request Host header when the port is non-standard.

    *) Bugfix: fixed handling of a zero-length request body in ngx.fetch()
       and r.subrequest().

    *) Bugfix: fixed heap-buffer-overflow in Headers.get().

    *) Bugfix: fixed r.subrequest() error handling.


    *) Feature: added zlib module for QuickJS engine.

    *) Bugfix: fixed zlib.inflate().

    *) Bugfix: fixed String.prototype.replaceAll() with zero-length

    *) Bugfix: fixed retval handling after an exception in
       Array.prototype.toSpliced(), Array.prototype.toReversed(),

    *) Bugfix: fixed RegExp.prototype[@@replace]() with replacements
       containing "$'", "$\`" and strings with Unicode characters.

    *) Bugfix: fixed a one-byte overread in decodeURI() and

    *) Bugfix: fixed tracking of argument scope.

    *) Bugfix: fixed integer overflow in Date.parse().
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