March 01, 2011 12:08PM
Hi there,

We are currently using wordpress (many of them) running in apache with
nginx in front of it using proxy_cache.

Currently we are not managing anymore the wordpress and our customers
do with them as they wish, some have cache enabled, some not.
We wanted to use that module but as our customer have many different
versions of wordpress it didn't fit for us.

Right now we cache every static file for a day and all posts for 10
minutes. To deal with the dynamic content (comments) we create a
cache_key that uses the wordpress comment author cookie, so users do
not feel the cache of the posts when submitting comments but it's just
a perception, in fact the 10 minutes it's still happening it's just
they do not see it.

Our current config for this it's not rocket science but if anyone want
it I would gladly share it.

Regarding drupal may I send you later an e-mail asking for a tip? I
want to cache a few hundred drupal sites with nginx and right now I'm
passing to apache all pages requests as I've not found yet a nice way
to deal with drupal creating a php session cookie for every user and
as comments do not go to a specific url neither create a unique
cookie, I can't detect them so easy as in wordpress.

By the way, does anyone have in hand a simple way to use proxy_cache
for all requests except POST ?

Have a nice day


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:03 PM, António P. P. Almeida
<> wrote:
> On 28 Fev 2011 19h53 WET, wrote:
>> Quick note of intro: I'm certainly not a highly-experienced sys
>> admin or developer -- more of a "gifted amateur" as a friend once
>> called me :) Anyway:
>> I have a large and fairly complex WordPress-based site that's become
>> a lot more popular than expected, and is often close to maxing out
>> my hardware. My challenge in optimizing the site is that all of the
>> most popular pages/files are very time-sensitive -- they're updated
>> at specific times of day, and are very heavily downloaded as soon as
>> they're available. So: I need those pages/files to be flushed from
>> the cache the moment they change, while everything else is cached
>> more aggressively.
> I'm not much of a WP guy, mostly Drupal ;), but I think that this WP
> plugin can be of assistance in your quest:
> You need to install the cache purge 3rd party module:
> Note that this is a route that voids solutions like SuperCache. It's
> more complex to setup, but ultimately much more flexible.
>> I haven't found a good solution for this with WordPress plug-ins
>> such as SuperCache -- they seem to be too "all-or-nothing", flushing
>> too much or too little.
>> I've been tinkering with Nginx as a reverse proxy sitting in front
>> of Apache. I'm getting very good results so far with regular
>> caching, but I don't see a way to get that "time-based cache
>> granularity" I need. But as I say, I'm no expert.
>> Any thoughts? Thanks.
> Since you're already using Nginx as a reverse proxy is a "natural"
> fit.
> No need to use Varnish.
> My $.02
> --- appa
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