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Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues

Posted by Mark Weiss 
Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues
December 02, 2021 02:32PM
I followed Doug Johnson's guide on Youtube "Setup Your Own RTMP + Web Streaming Video Server". He links to specific setups to download from the nginx website and provides a custom conf file for nginx.

At the initial setup, he copies the files to a newly created C:\nginx folder on Windows. Downloads the vcredist_x86.exe and installs it and then runs start.bat which creates 3 instances of nginx in Task Manager Process view.

So I did every step on my Windows 10 Pro server, and when I start the batch file, I see two command prompt windows open and close briefly, but a look at processes shows no instances of nginx.

Then I decided to open a CMD window and try running the batch file so I could see any errors that might be displayed and I found this:

nginx: [error] CreateFile() "C:\nginx/logs/nginx.pid" failed (2: The system cannot find the file specified)

When Doug did it in his video, everything worked. I followed the instructions step by step, but it is not working for me. I have the same directory names and file structure and copied all of the files from the Gryphon zip file he instructs to download, to the C:\nginx\ folder.

The only thing I can think of is possibly some permission issue with opening those files, but the error message is too vague to be sure.

I've been able to run nginx back in 2018 on my old Windows 7 server. So perhaps there is some conflict with this version and Windows 10?
Re: Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues
December 02, 2021 04:41PM
I've been hacking away at this for the past couple of hours and I've finally gotten nginx to run. Oddly, it does not show up in task manager (as it does in the how-to video by Doug, but I found that I was able to stream to it with OBS and get a "green" healthy stream indication.

The HLS folder is filling up with Stream1.ts files and every so often the oldest ones get deleted and the process continues.

The problem I am having now is that the Viewer.html file, when launched, only displays a player window, but no video.

The code seems to agree with the directory setup:

hls on;
hls_path /nginx/srv/hls/;
hls_fragment 3;
hls_playlist_length 60;

But the video does not appear in the player, as it does in the how-to video that Doug produced. I've been over the settings time and again, and as Doug made this pretty much turnkey with his config files, I don't understand why it's not working.
Re: Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues
December 03, 2021 05:19PM
Here is my player application embedded in a test website.


The player doesn't show video. Neither does the locally opened player on the server.

Everything is set up to the letter of Doug Johnson's instructions in his youtube video on how to do this.

The only thing I can think of is some incompatibility between Windows 21H2 and nginx or the java app.
Re: Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues
March 17, 2022 08:21PM
I have been trying to get this to work since April 2018 and have been all over the OBS forums, but none of the suggestions worked. I'm having too many hassles with corporate streamers, blocking my videos in 249 countries, so I am making a concerted effort to crack this problem now.
I even tried opening with VLC but get VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtmp://
Even locally on the server file:///C:/nginx/srv/viewer.html just gives a blank viewer.
I'm running nginx pre compiled for video streaming as recommended on another youtube channel, and I'm getting transport stream files in the hls folder when OBS is streaming.
The server is IIS 10, and nginx is configured to run in parallel on port 8080.
At first, I thought it was a web page config problem, but then the test viewer should be working in the hls folder, but it's not.
The folks at OBS haven't been able to help. I've been pestering them for four years and now they are just ignoring my posts. I need to solve this.
Also disturbing is the fact that if I open any of the stream files in the hls folder, they won't play in the local media player. They all have black thumbnail images. File sizes vary from .8mb to 1mb.
Re: Setting up nginx as RTMP Server on IIS 10: Some Starting Issues
March 30, 2022 10:43PM
Still hacking away at Doug Johnson's configuration for streaming with nginx.
This is a pre-packaged, supposed to be close to "turn key" setup.

Here's a screen recording of what's going on with the setup. You can see that OBS is streaming and and giving a green indicator in the status line.

In the browser, showing port 8080, we can see nginx Gryphon is up and running.

In the Windows 10 server, we see .ts files in the HLS folder.

Task man shows the required 3 nginx tasks.

Here's the screen recording.


I don't know what else could be the problem. I even tried shutting off the firewall for a short time, but the problem remains.

I've looked into alternatives, but there are none currently available. Microsoft discontinues their streaming software.

Funny thing is, in 2005, I could stream live video with Windows XP Home on a laptop with Windows Media Encoder 9. That is no longer available. Every alternative that I followed lead to a dead end or a 404 error or the software download is no longer available.

So I'm back at trying to get nginx to stream. Since April 2018, I've got over 200 hours devoted to troubleshooting this. I need help!
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