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Multiple Wordpress subdurectories

Posted by miradev 
Multiple Wordpress subdurectories
October 09, 2009 04:24AM
I am revisiting my multi setup.

The idea is to map [code]
to [code]

Here is my current config:

server {
server_name .wp.mysite.net;

error_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress/devel/generic-error.log;
error_page 404 /no_such_event.html;

set $client $host;
if ($client ~ "^([a-z0-9]*).wp.mysite.net"){
set $client $1;
root /var/www/wordpress/$client/devel;
index index.php index.html index.htm;
access_log /var/log/nginx/wordpress/devel/$client/generic-access.log;

if (!-d $document_root) {
rewrite (.*) /no_such_client.html last;

location = /no_such_client.html {
root /var/www/wordpress/vanilla/devel_pages;
location = /no_such_event.html {
root /var/www/wordpress/vanilla/devel_pages;

if ( $uri !~* \.(php|css|js|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|swf|htm) ) {
rewrite /([^/]+)/?(.*)$ /$1/index.php?q=$2&$args last;

location ~ ^/([^/]+)/?(.*)\.php($|/) {
root /var/www/wordpress/$client/devel/$1;
set $mydom $1;
set $script $2;
set $path_info "";

if ($uri ~ "^(.+\.php)(/.+)") {
set $script $1;
set $path_info $2;

include wordpress/fcgi_generic_params.conf;

This works to an acceptable degree, as it is not a production environment.

However, it is missing the traditional [i]try_files[/i], and auto-execution of index files in subdomains does not work. EG: [i]http://client1.wp.mysite.net/www.event1.com/wp-admin[/i] does not rewrite to [i]http://client1.wp.mysite.net/www.event1.com/wp-admin/index.php[/i].

Also, some functionality does not work, probably due to not being caught in my list of exclusions ([i]$uri !~* \.(php|css|js|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|swf|htm)[/i]). But I would like to avoid needing this, ultimately.

All feedback and criticism gladly absorbed :)
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