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Migration from Other Servers

Anything related to migrating to nginx, including rewrites 
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Need help with convertineg this htaccess apach.htaccess to nginx

by rangerangel
4,971 2 06/04/2010 06:08AM
Last Post by M.A.G

How would I convert this Apache rewrite to nginx?

by daveyfx
5,606 2 06/04/2010 06:05AM
Last Post by M.A.G

apache to nginx rewrite help

by KingPin
4,463 1 06/01/2010 12:40PM
Last Post by KingPin

Rewrite rule

by jleunghk
3,921 1 05/25/2010 11:39AM
Last Post by jleunghk

Nginx equivalent of Apache's ServerAlias

by grungy
8,948 1 05/18/2010 05:15AM
Last Post by grungy

wordpress perfection can not feel when moving to nginx

by fauzievolute
3,762 1 05/10/2010 05:17AM
Last Post by fauzievolute

[REWRITE] Only 3 rules...

by Epicar
4,944 2 04/27/2010 05:08AM
Last Post by Epicar

Wordpress-mu gives 502 Bad Gateway

by tsl
25,225 10 04/26/2010 11:57AM
Last Post by tsl

Rewrite issue

by stevek
4,817 2 04/23/2010 11:23AM
Last Post by stevek

knowing what files are currently being downloaded?

by michaeljoser
3,549 1 04/18/2010 04:27AM
Last Post by michaeljoser

Newbie, Luvin nginX but having problems with htaccess

by solokron
8,316 6 04/15/2010 02:37AM
Last Post by solokron

Nginx on Win32: Installing Modules

by simon.sturmer
9,927 2 04/05/2010 11:02AM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

lighttpd rewrite rule to nginx, not working

by WisdomFusion
11,530 5 03/29/2010 09:09PM
Last Post by WisdomFusion

win2003 serious error under nginx

by fhcmail
5,601 1 03/27/2010 11:02PM
Last Post by fhcmail

Reverse Proxy SubDirectory HELP

by spyderwebtech
7,654 2 03/25/2010 12:36PM
Last Post by shoulder2wheel

convert virtual hosts from apache

by petermk
6,321 1 03/06/2010 03:30PM
Last Post by petermk

set rewrite Kumbia nginx windows

by hussan
4,356 1 03/04/2010 10:41PM
Last Post by hussan

Convert Rewrite

by 9xlinux
4,126 1 03/03/2010 02:08AM
Last Post by 9xlinux

New server already set up, performance

by andresb
5,095 2 02/11/2010 01:21AM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

Convert simple phpMyAdmin rewrite

by dimaggio
9,930 4 02/09/2010 05:09PM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

Help with Simple rewrite conversion

by DaveL
4,155 1 02/08/2010 02:25PM
Last Post by DaveL

help with codeigniter rewrite

by sn4k3
7,102 2 02/03/2010 08:43AM
Last Post by aliakbar

force_redirect disabled even though set to on in php.ini

by aliakbar
9,571 5 01/30/2010 03:43AM
Last Post by aliakbar

Block PHP source and hidden files

by aliakbar
10,451 4 01/29/2010 08:53AM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

stopping an ip from being logged

by commandergc
6,733 2 01/29/2010 07:20AM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

migrating z-push, problims with an alias

by naked_chef
6,611 1 01/21/2010 08:17AM
Last Post by naked_chef

htaccess to nginx for PHPBB seo

by anybodywise
14,852 4 01/18/2010 03:30PM
Last Post by anybodywise

Problems with rewrites

by jlouzao
3,906 1 01/12/2010 03:01AM
Last Post by jlouzao

Wordpress Permalink Change - Rewrite Wanted

by PhillTheChill
3,649 1 01/11/2010 03:11PM
Last Post by PhillTheChill

hotlink protection with rewrite

by vicky007
5,140 1 01/10/2010 08:03AM
Last Post by vicky007

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