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Php-fpm Mailing List - English

Entries to and from php-fpm English mailing list 
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Freebsd Port 5.2.11

by SSSlippy
13 12/12/2009 10:25PM
Last Post by crastyl

Cherokee's got FPM support

by Alvaro Lopez Ortega
4 12/12/2009 08:46PM
Last Post by mike

Nginx + PHP4 + PHP5 ??

by help40
4 12/07/2009 02:34AM
Last Post by Juan Fco. Giordana

php-fpm-0.6~5.2.11.tar.gz libevent install problem

by wolfenstock
5 11/28/2009 04:06PM
Last Post by mike

PHP-FPM page created on Facebook - for anyone who is interested   (Pages: 1 2)

by mike
38 11/27/2009 10:36AM
Last Post by mike

[ERROR] fpm_trace_get_long(), line 78: ptrace(PEEKDATA) failed: I/O error (5)

by bugx
3 11/27/2009 04:54AM
Last Post by mike

Patch for Icc v11.1 compile

by nightsailer
10 11/25/2009 09:38PM
Last Post by ks

Can't compile with --disable-all

by jan.koprowski
1 11/24/2009 01:55PM
Last Post by jan.koprowski

php-fpm from inside a freebsd jail

by wonslung
9 11/23/2009 01:14PM
Last Post by Jose Amengual

cgi.fix_pathinfo not working on php 5.3.x

by Dhani
1 11/21/2009 03:48AM
Last Post by Dhani

Is there a PPA?

by Steven Roussey
2 11/20/2009 06:08PM
Last Post by mike

php-fpm 0.6 with php 5.2.11 and ioncube_loader 3.3.4 or zendoptimzer 3.3.9 on x64 problems

by karim_
7 11/19/2009 06:10AM
Last Post by karim_

[PATCH] rename apache_like pm

by Jérôme Loyet
5 11/17/2009 05:04AM
Last Post by mike

Note: Official download links changing

by dreamcat4
7 11/13/2009 05:26PM
Last Post by dreamcat4

Installation instructions for dummies

by jamengual
7 11/13/2009 04:46PM
Last Post by grigori

php-fpm ignore my php.ini completely

by helpmhost
10 11/10/2009 09:37PM
Last Post by helpmhost

install on freebsd

by ethaniel
15 11/10/2009 09:58AM
Last Post by ethaniel

packaging for debian/ubuntu

by stevecrozz
12 11/06/2009 06:52PM
Last Post by Stephen Crosby

Pass uid/gid to php-fpm   (Pages: 1 2)

by Nikolas Hagelstein
26 11/03/2009 11:56AM
Last Post by Jools

Can external connection screw php-fpm?

by roguehosting
5 10/31/2009 06:47AM
Last Post by roguehosting

make error with icc v11.1

by ruyi7952
6 10/26/2009 10:03PM
Last Post by filebackup

502 error on php-fpm

by roguehosting
12 10/22/2009 08:48PM
Last Post by mike

Install instruction for php 5.2.11 and php fpm?

by roguehosting
8 10/22/2009 07:22PM
Last Post by mike

running fpm 0.6 in non-daemon mode?

by henrik
9 10/22/2009 06:20PM
Last Post by dreamcat4

autobuild packages?

by Jauder Ho
1 10/22/2009 09:50AM
Last Post by Jauder Ho

php-fpm will not build on solaris 10 (libfpm_la-fpm_shm_slots.c)

by wega3k
4 10/17/2009 05:40AM
Last Post by dreamcat4

something wrong with php-fpm when using oracle client

by reibill
2 10/16/2009 03:22AM
Last Post by Juan Fco. Giordana

php-5.3.0 with fpm sapi ebuild Attachments

by Vasiliy G Tolstov
13 10/15/2009 05:34AM
Last Post by dreamcat4

FreeBSD port for fpm 0.6.3 and php 5.2.10   (Pages: 1 2)

by steven.hartland
34 10/12/2009 06:58PM
Last Post by steven.hartland

"make install" of php-fpm-0.6 overwrites "/etc/php-fpm.conf" and "/etc/init.d/php-fpm"   (Pages: 1 2)

by Martin
21 10/10/2009 10:16AM
Last Post by dreamcat4

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