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Please Read Before Posting in this Forum

by Jim Ohlstein
1 03/21/2009 11:54PM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

Upgrading Executable on the Fly

by Sébastien Rebecchi
2 07/18/2024 10:28AM
Last Post by Sébastien Rebecchi

Bugfix: graceful shutdown of old worker processes might be delayed when using HTTP/2.

by Sébastien Rebecchi
5 07/18/2024 10:12AM
Last Post by Sébastien Rebecchi

STARTTLS Issue in Background Authentication with NGINX and Postfix

by keljix
1 07/17/2024 07:11AM
Last Post by keljix

nginx pgp key nginx_signing.key

by Ivan Strelnikov via nginx
2 07/11/2024 04:42PM
Last Post by Konstantin Pavlov

proxy_bind/splitting with nginx mail module for IMAP

by Malte Schmidt via nginx
2 07/10/2024 01:22PM
Last Post by Sergey A. Osokin

Can I obfuscate a token in a log message using Nginx?

by dstromberg
3 07/03/2024 04:29PM
Last Post by dstromberg

Enable http3 for a subset of domains

by Riccardo Brunetti Host
6 06/27/2024 06:28AM
Last Post by Roman Arutyunyan

How important is the "reuseport" flag for quic?

by Dominic Preston
3 06/25/2024 06:20PM
Last Post by Dominic Preston


by Dmitry Volyntsev
1 06/25/2024 06:02PM
Last Post by Dmitry Volyntsev

Allow response with AD bit in resolver

by Kirill A. Korinsky
8 06/17/2024 06:20PM
Last Post by Kirill A. Korinsky

Slack workspace/channel inactive?

by jhg
1 06/17/2024 03:20PM
Last Post by jhg

Nginx vhost logging not working as expected

by wendigo
2 06/16/2024 10:02PM
Last Post by wendigo

Custom HTTP protocol response?

by Martin Kjær Jørgensen via nginx
3 06/15/2024 09:36PM
Last Post by J Carter

upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out)

by basarix
1 06/14/2024 02:44PM
Last Post by basarix

Re: auth_request module is sending the auth subrequest twice

by Vineet Naik
4 06/14/2024 10:14AM
Last Post by Sreedhar B

How important is the reuseport flag for quic?

by triatic1
1 06/11/2024 09:40AM
Last Post by triatic1

Cache purge & preload solution on wordpress

by Hasan ÇALIŞIR via nginx
1 06/09/2024 03:38PM
Last Post by Hasan ÇALIŞIR via nginx

NGINX JavaScript (njs) has migrated to Github

by Dmitry Volyntsev
1 06/05/2024 07:06PM
Last Post by Dmitry Volyntsev

How to override query parameter of original websocket request after extenal authentication?

by infoman
1 06/05/2024 03:57AM
Last Post by infoman

Costume 404 error page

by a.bidaran
1 06/03/2024 03:28PM
Last Post by a.bidaran


by Gureko
1 05/29/2024 05:44PM
Last Post by Gureko

nginx-1.27.0 - shasum does not match with expected shasum from pkg-oss

by Daniel Jagszent
3 05/29/2024 05:30PM
Last Post by Igor Ippolitov

nginx security advisory (CVE-2024-31079, CVE-2024-32760, CVE-2024-34161, CVE-2024-35200)

by Sergey Kandaurov
1 05/29/2024 11:12AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov


by Sergey Kandaurov
1 05/29/2024 11:12AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov


by Sergey Kandaurov
1 05/29/2024 11:12AM
Last Post by Sergey Kandaurov

NGINX multiple authentication methods (one or the other) AND an IP check seems impossible

by Gergő Vári
3 05/27/2024 07:12AM
Last Post by Gergő Vári

[PATCH] Add $upstream_cache_key Attachments

by Kirill A. Korinsky
1 05/24/2024 06:00AM
Last Post by Kirill A. Korinsky

SVN front-end using Nginx?

by noloader
1 05/21/2024 08:38AM
Last Post by noloader

headers do not work

by Saint Michael
7 05/20/2024 12:26AM
Last Post by Saint Michael

nginx configured as loadbalancer returning 404 not found Attachments

by kaushalshriyan
3 05/17/2024 03:44PM
Last Post by kaushalshriyan

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