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[PATCH] Implement generic variables $urlencode_<name> and $urldecode_<name> for get urlencode/urldecode of value of <name> variable.

by Kirill A. Korinskiy
1 03/26/2009 11:52AM
Last Post by Kirill A. Korinskiy

Pass real client IP to web servers

by bdroste
3 03/26/2009 06:49AM
Last Post by Maxim Dounin

Shouldn't this trigger an nginx 404?

by mike
6 03/26/2009 05:17AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Double logging via PHP FastCGI on Windows XP?

by Dan Dascalescu
2 03/26/2009 02:58AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev


by Igor Sysoev
32 03/26/2009 02:50AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Can't seem to get past this ssl error

by mike
2 03/26/2009 02:39AM
Last Post by mike

[PATCH] Implements the $arg_encode_<name> variables for get url encode value of <name> argument from request string.

by Kirill A. Korinskiy
5 03/25/2009 02:59PM
Last Post by Kirill A. Korinskiy

vhost conf for typo3

by hostis.pl
2 03/25/2009 10:57AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

[Patch] add -h to nginx Attachments

by Jérôme Loyet
6 03/25/2009 06:23AM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Multiple passes to memcached with different keys

by Atif Ghaffar
2 03/24/2009 10:29PM
Last Post by Merlin

How to always have the latest nginx version in Ubuntu/Debian

by Mark Alan
21 03/24/2009 09:23PM
Last Post by Merlin

Scalability issue

by howard chen
4 03/24/2009 02:20PM
Last Post by Cliff Wells

unsubscribe nginx

by Raphaël HUCK
1 03/24/2009 01:11PM
Last Post by Raphaël HUCK

Where to find documentation for "--without-http-cache (disable HTTP cache)"

by Mark Alan
4 03/24/2009 01:05PM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Bugs in nginx ./configure procedure: part 2

by J. Antas
1 03/24/2009 11:36AM
Last Post by J. Antas

Re: Alternative to HAProxy + Nginx

by Mohamed Yusuf
1 03/24/2009 05:38AM
Last Post by Mohamed Yusuf

HTTP Headers caching module development

by Latesh Galia
6 03/24/2009 03:37AM
Last Post by pf shineyear

Bug in the nginx-0.7.xx include .../conf.d/*.conf process ?

by Mark Alan
8 03/23/2009 05:18PM
Last Post by Merlin

Load balancing, missing a detail...

by Floren Munteanu
3 03/23/2009 01:18PM
Last Post by Floren Munteanu

Conditionally chained proxy passes

by Tom Barrett
1 03/23/2009 11:20AM
Last Post by Tom Barrett

Support for chunked body

by jaluke
1 03/23/2009 05:17AM
Last Post by jaluke

memcache_pass not allowed in if block?

by John Luxford
4 03/22/2009 12:38AM
Last Post by Marcus Clyne

Re: Nginx - Google Summer of Code ideas

by Manlio Perillo
2 03/21/2009 08:41PM
Last Post by mike

Hold requests long enough for me to restart upstream?

by Rt Ibmer
14 03/21/2009 07:55PM
Last Post by Manlio Perillo


by Igor Sysoev
3 03/21/2009 02:50PM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein

about 301 moved permanently

by weichenqi
1 03/21/2009 12:34PM
Last Post by weichenqi

stub status

by Chris Zimmerman
2 03/20/2009 08:38PM
Last Post by mike

Nginx Map Module Help

by Resi Cow
4 03/20/2009 06:21PM
Last Post by Resi Cow

Can try_files be allowed outside of location {} ?

by mike
10 03/20/2009 01:22PM
Last Post by Igor Sysoev

Still confused with try_files

by mike
10 03/20/2009 11:45AM
Last Post by Otto Bretz

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