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Other discussion

Any other nginx or tech related discussion may be entered here. 
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My nginx config resets automatically from time to time erasing all customization

by Swag
115 1 05/24/2024 05:28AM
Last Post by Swag

Curl upload via nginx reverse proxy gives error

by keerthi-teff
270 1 05/07/2024 10:57PM
Last Post by keerthi-teff

can nginx work as forward proxy for https traffic ?

by jack.tai
479 1 03/31/2024 11:43PM
Last Post by jack.tai

Multiple backup in upstream

by SirrioN
533 1 03/19/2024 02:49AM
Last Post by SirrioN

Nginx cannot read the index file

by hack3rcon
504 1 03/17/2024 02:34AM
Last Post by hack3rcon

Release Date for NGINX 1.25 Stable Version | HTTP/3 (QUIC)

by Generosus
692 1 02/26/2024 12:35PM
Last Post by Generosus

General discussion

by Alinaqi12
653 1 02/24/2024 02:56AM
Last Post by Alinaqi12

Log GeoIP

by noipname
750 1 02/15/2024 12:04PM
Last Post by noipname

NGINX Reverse Proxy Server sending RST and FIN every 5 Minutes of inactivity Attachments

by rebornks
807 1 02/14/2024 10:01PM
Last Post by rebornks

Getting 503 error when multiple request to nginx ingress controller in kubernetes environment from grpc client

by Revathi77
750 1 02/13/2024 08:04AM
Last Post by Revathi77

Setting up Nginx Server in FreeBSD- Cant able to include PHP file

by Shilpa
779 1 02/02/2024 12:32PM
Last Post by Shilpa

nginx allows TLS 1.1 connection even though configuration only permits TLSv1.2

by yoramg
810 3 01/30/2024 05:54AM
Last Post by yoramg

Nginx Very slow if i use proxy pass in HTTPS via reverse proxy

by rocco.fimmano97
1,008 1 01/10/2024 05:19AM
Last Post by rocco.fimmano97

HTTP 400 error on reverse prxy

by Webber8443
914 1 01/04/2024 06:00AM
Last Post by Webber8443

Extract SHA256 certificate thumbprint in Nginx

by knidhirajan
1,560 2 12/15/2023 02:18AM
Last Post by r12477

Mail proxy doesn't work

by Mr. Toad
1,205 1 10/31/2023 03:49AM
Last Post by Mr. Toad

Can we use PCH with GCC out of the box?

by lefsler
1,226 1 10/17/2023 07:30PM
Last Post by lefsler

Nginx Service is not Starting on Rocky Linux

by abaid360@gmail.com
1,275 1 10/15/2023 06:32AM
Last Post by abaid360@gmail.com

cve-2023-4863 - open-source libwebp library

by juan.perez
1,513 1 09/29/2023 08:47AM
Last Post by juan.perez

nginx making a POST method to GET

by bitsprashant5522
1,357 1 09/28/2023 06:24AM
Last Post by bitsprashant5522

add_header X-Content-Type-Options nosniff;

by Brief-Wishbone
1,528 1 09/13/2023 12:34PM
Last Post by Brief-Wishbone

are these nginx books worth it?

by Brief-Wishbone
1,589 1 08/09/2023 01:22AM
Last Post by Brief-Wishbone

Slow load testing via apachebench 1 per second

by Itsausjjmc
3,037 2 08/03/2023 02:15AM
Last Post by smoker123

Trying to normalize apps that pass either header or querystring based value

by EldonMcGuinness
1,671 1 07/10/2023 01:52AM
Last Post by EldonMcGuinness

Intermittent SSL errors (upstream certificate verify error)

by kdogra
1,752 1 06/23/2023 06:41PM
Last Post by kdogra

Gzip not work with public IP and port-mapping Attachments

by winterlover
1,764 1 06/13/2023 03:23AM
Last Post by winterlover

Did anybody sucessfully compiled Nginx with Modsecurity V3.0 and Modsecurity-Nginx connector recently ?

by mkuser143
1,907 3 05/30/2023 04:36PM
Last Post by mkuser143

nginx http Error "400 Bad Request"

by achalk
1,877 1 05/26/2023 12:25PM
Last Post by achalk

nginx internal API - api/6 inner working

by Shivani05
2,268 1 03/09/2023 09:26PM
Last Post by Shivani05

hackers are attempting to access one of my systems va ssh

by timbopoise
2,373 1 03/04/2023 01:14PM
Last Post by timbopoise

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