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How do I copy my web to /var/www

by ex-para
3,491 1 03/16/2010 12:10PM
Last Post by ex-para

HTTP Authorization Headers

by eddiewebb
3,516 1 03/15/2010 05:40PM
Last Post by eddiewebb

nginx FLV streaming And load balancing

by sonicmind
5,770 1 03/15/2010 05:09PM
Last Post by sonicmind

Nothing in htdocs

by ex-para
3,276 1 03/15/2010 02:03PM
Last Post by ex-para

Shared device login security

by BTrusty2010
3,648 1 03/12/2010 10:54AM
Last Post by BTrusty2010

proxy_set_header by subdomain

by teena
3,651 1 03/12/2010 04:27AM
Last Post by teena

How to created CDN "Content Delivery Network" on NGINX?

by fhosting
6,939 1 03/12/2010 03:19AM
Last Post by fhosting

Regex for caching static files

by philipp
20,503 8 03/11/2010 10:42PM
Last Post by jayj

rewriting only if file exists

by pmcgee
9,485 2 03/08/2010 02:50PM
Last Post by pmcgee

nginx proxy problem with ips and memory usage

by 0x90
5,705 1 03/06/2010 01:24PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Number of worker processes

by wminside
9,208 3 03/05/2010 06:03PM
Last Post by wminside

Hot to get access_log off; to work?? Huge!!

by wminside
6,417 2 03/05/2010 11:42AM
Last Post by Jim Ohlstein
This topic has been moved.

deny *.xt

by maxgu
    This topic has been moved.

Help redirect :(

by lamvnvc
4,159 2 03/04/2010 03:17AM
Last Post by lamvnvc

Load Balancing not working properly...

by ebbtepid
3,152 1 03/03/2010 07:49PM
Last Post by ebbtepid

Reverse proxy and rewrite. Need help !

by blitter
3,209 1 03/03/2010 04:48AM
Last Post by blitter

nginx email server on windows

by fprlja
4,294 1 03/02/2010 09:25AM
Last Post by fprlja

Basic auth by IP

by denybell
7,873 2 02/26/2010 04:21AM
Last Post by denybell

Conditional proxy

by pshah
5,847 1 02/24/2010 11:21PM
Last Post by pshah

Filter characters in URLs

by bmumph
3,366 1 02/24/2010 06:35PM
Last Post by bmumph

How to uninstall Apache

by simonx
4,633 1 02/24/2010 08:13AM
Last Post by simonx

How to change rewrite from apache to nginx

by scottzu
3,472 1 02/23/2010 11:25PM
Last Post by scottzu

MemCached - Use part of data post as key.

by momch
4,487 2 02/22/2010 01:14PM
Last Post by RdeWilde

Image hotlink prevention

by honeylemon
3,454 1 02/22/2010 07:13AM
Last Post by honeylemon


by gints.murans
5,417 1 02/21/2010 06:55AM
Last Post by gints.murans

how to halt loading anything but images?

by honeylemon
9,524 5 02/21/2010 03:18AM
Last Post by honeylemon

Multiple proxies on one server

by stuartrexking
6,105 2 02/15/2010 08:44PM
Last Post by stuartrexking

Pass ip...

by iggori
3,530 1 02/13/2010 10:58AM
Last Post by iggori

ngnix as a proxy

by iggori
4,639 1 02/12/2010 10:42AM
Last Post by iggori

Nginx Session Cookie for Load Balancing

by Titan
7,228 1 02/10/2010 12:41PM
Last Post by Titan

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